30 Sexy and Scary Halloween Makeup Looks You Need to Try

They're pretty and creepy.

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Full disclosure: I'm obsessed with both Halloween and also wearing the coolest costume and most epic makeup to match. And because I'm type A and obviously don't want my costume to suck, I like to plan my Halloween ~lewk~ waaaaay in advance (I'll never be that person who throws on cat ears and calls it a day, TYVM). So, if you're like me and are getting into the Halloween spirit nice and early, go ahead and check out these 30 scary and sexy Halloween makeup ideas. Each one is super creepy yet totally cute—aka the perfect Halloween beauty inspo.

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This Sexy/Spooky Bubble Halloween Makeup

This bubbly makeup will look cute in your pics, but def has a spooky AF vibe that's perfect for Halloween. And it's honestly really easy to do, too: Just use different colored eyeliner pencils to draw groupings of small, medium, and large circles on your face.

This Scary/Sexy Octopus Halloween Makeup

Make scary Halloween octopus makeup look pretty by painting on the tentacles with shades of lilac, lavender, and purple face paint.

This Scary/Sexy Snake Halloween Makeup

There's more to this just-bitten snake look than the fun makeup. The creepy yellow contacts, glossy black nail polish, and the super-intricate hand and arm detailing are what make it all so so cool for Halloween.

This Scary/Sexy Butterfly Halloween Makeup

I'm not gunna lie—this spooky-yet-sexy butterfly makeup is as time-consuming as it looks. But if you can devote few hours (and some $$ for blue face paint) to getting it right? You'll have the coolest Halloween makeup everrrrr.

This Scary/Sexy Milkshake Halloween Makeup

How insane is this melting milkshake makeup for Halloween?!? The faux sprinkles and pink colors give it a sweet vibe, but the criss-crossed lid detailing and dripping effect are for sure spooky.

This Scary/Sexy Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Dark eye makeup, glitter lips, and silver, slimy-looking fish scales give pretty mermaid makeup a slightly scarier effect for Halloween.

This Scary/Sexy Princess Halloween Makeup

Princess makeup is sorta basic, but when you add spooky elements like dripping blood, smoky shadow, and sooty skin? It becomes instantly Halloween makeup worthy.

This Scary/Sexy Mad Hatter Halloween Makeup

Okay, this bright and colorful mad hatter Halloween makeup looks kinda complicated, but it's honestly pretty easy to get right! All you really need are two different colored eyeshadows, fuchsia lipstick, and some glitter.

This Scary/Sexy Vampire Halloween Makeup

You don’t need much to nail this sexy Halloween makeup look. Just grab some black eyeshadow, red lipstick, and red contacts and you're basically the newest member of the Cullen Family.

This Scary/Sexy Baby Doll Halloween Makeup

I'm a doll, I promise. Pinky promise.

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Make your doll makeup look super scary for Halloween by dusting your face with white powder and rimming your eyes with a black liner.

This Scary/Sexy Wolf Halloween Makeup

To create a furry face and neck patches, use a small, slanted liner brush and paint on hair-like strokes in the same direction using white and black face paint. And don't forget the yellow contacts for an extra scary/sexy Halloween feel.

This Scary/Sexy Pumpkin Halloween Makeup

I literally can't stop staring at this scary/sexy Halloween pumpkin makeup. To get the look, paint a bright-orange face paint on three quarters of your face and then use black face paint and/or black eyeliner to fill in the area around your eyes and mouth.

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