Everything to Know About ‘Élite’ Season 3 on Netflix

There’s one person who NEEDS to come back.


[Warning: spoilers for Élite season 2, ahead]

If you told me last year that Élite season 2 would push more boundaries than its first, I would be like, How though? This is the sexy Spanish teen series that presented us with a sexually fluid polyamorous relationship turned murder club. And yet here we are with Valerio (Jorge López) playing X-rated footsie with his half-sister Lu (Danna Paola) at family dinner...and that’s not even close to the most shocking thing that happens. Hell, it’s not even the raunchiest thing to go down between those siblings.

And with a finale that ends like Élite’s, there will be riots in the streets if we don’t get a season 3. Here’s everything we know (make sure to check back in for updates).


Is season 3 confirmed?!

Not yet, but don’t stress. Season 2 was confirmed just two weeks after Élite originally premiered on Netflix, so we may not have to wait too long to find out the show’s fate. They can’t possibly leave it with Polo (Álvaro Rico) getting away with Marina’s murder, can they?!

Who’s coming back?

At this point, it kind of has to be everyone, right? Let’s recap a bit of what went down. Like in the original, Élite season 2 flashes back and forth between recent drama at Las Encinas and a police investigation in the present. Instead of a murder, though, Samuel (Itzan Escamilla)—who’s tasked himself with proving his brother Nano’s (Jaime Lorente) innocence—is missing and it doesn’t look good.


It all starts when the teens return from summer vacay after Marina’s murder. Christian (Miguel Herrán) and Polo are cracking under the pressure, which lands Christian in the hospital without use of his legs and Polo running to my poor bb Ander, who now has to keep the true murderer of his best friend’s sister a secret to protect his other best friend, the killer.

Meanwhile, there are three new whack jobs ready to f*ck shit up at Las Encinas: Valerio, the incestuous bad boy; Rebeca (Claudia Salas), the wild daughter of a drug queen; and Cayetana (Georgina Amorós), the house cleaner who pretends she’s rich and gets all up in everyone’s business. While Val is messing with his half-sister’s mind and relationship with Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau), Rebeca gets Samuel to start running drugs for her mom and Cayetana cozies up to Polo.

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So who took out Samu? It could have been Guzmán, who hates him; Carla’s (Ester Expósito) dad, to keep him from getting too close to the truth about Marina’s death; or a rival gang. Turns out, it was none of the above! In the most unlikely team-up of all time, Guzmán and Samu faked his disappearance to put pressure on Carla and Polo. It works...for, like, a second. Carla comes clean to the police, but Cayetana hides the murder weapon so the police don’t have enough to keep Polo from returning to school.


The only one still in the wind is Christian, who is off at some special boarding school in Sweden or something. He and his pretty new hair need to come back ASAP.

So, about those ships...?

Here’s where each OTP ends up:

Omar (Omar Ayuso) and Ander finally seem to land in a good place when Ander no longer has to keep Polo’s secret. Throughout the season, he’s hot and cold with his boyfriend, Omar, who was kicked out of his home and is now trying to embrace who he is out of the closet.


Nadia (Mina El Hammani) and Guzmán were finally about to be together after he broke things off with Lu, but that all went to shit after Valerio videotaped them having sex and Lu posted it on the internet. Let’s just say their relationship status is TBD.

Samuel and Carla...I know they can’t happen, but I really want them to.

I need the next school year to start, like, tomorrow.

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