15 Summer Movies to Get Excited for Now

From Wonder Woman and Spider-Man to Atomic Bomb and Baby Driver.

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9 Best Movies of 2017

Hurry up and see them before awards season begins.

40 Weepy, Soul-Crushing Tearjerkers Every Woman Should Ugly-Cry To

Sinking ships. Cancer. Broken hearts. Sad movies are so sad!

The 13 Best Netflix Original Movies of 2019, Because “Going Out” Is Overrated

It is honestly never a bad idea to rewatch the Fyre Fest doc.

Damn, the Real 'Downton Abbey' Castle Is So Effing Fancy *and* It's Listed on Airbnb

Take a look at its fancy interior with some Airbnb pics.

Best Halloween Movies on Netflix
These Netflix Movies Are the Perfect Way to Celebrate Halloween

Bye, trick-or-treat. Hi, Netflix and Chills.

Blake Lively Has a Black Pixie Cut *and* a Long Blonde Bowl Cut in Her New Movie

Blake Lively got a bowl cut, so I got a bowl cut. ???♀?

Lady Gaga Was Reportedly Just Offered a Musical Movie Role in ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

She’s a mean green mother from outer space, what did you expect?

World Music Awards 2004 - Arrival
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Here’s What Will Happen in the 24 Hours After You See ‘Hustlers’

This is your brain on Hustlers.

Tall Girl Netflix
Everyone on Twitter Keeps Making the Exact Same Point About ‘Tall Girl’

They kind of have a point. It’s simple math, TBH.

I Took a Pole Dancing Class With J.Lo’s ‘Hustlers‘ Instructor and, Shocker, I Was Terrible

This is a legit sport that my un-athletic ass was not prepared for.

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‘Hustlers’ Is Not a Stripper Scam Movie

There’s a reason Jennifer Lopez is getting so much Oscar buzz.

The True Story Behind ‘Hustlers’ Is Actually Insane

No, seriously. This is real.

Best Amazon Horror Movies
These Horror Movies on Amazon Prime Are Scarier Than Waiting for Regular Shipping

Someone please make a film about waiting five to seven business days for a sweater.

The 11 Best Stripper Movies to Watch in Honor of J.Lo

Because ‘Hustlers’ comes out tomorrow!!!

Important Questions I Have After Seeing ‘It Chapter Two’

People think Bill Hader deserves an Oscar....

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