Er, Jed Wyatt Says He ”Supports” Hannah Brown on ‘Dancing With the Stars‘ But Won’t Watch the Show

Uh, isn’t watching the most obvious way to show his support?

  • Jed Wyatt says that he supports Hannah Brown performing on Dancing With the Stars.
  • Jed’s support stops short of watching Hannah on the show though.

    Oh, Jed Wyatt. I can understand why Jed is clinging to any opportunity for media coverage considering that his time as a Bachelorette contestant is up. And because the world is still super annoyed with him for lying about having a girlfriend when Hannah Brown was his fiancée...but I digress. Since all that Bachelorette drama is over, Jed is now making it abundantly clear that he supports Hannah (after she dumped him) and her new television endeavors. Well, sorta?

    In an interview with E! News on Saturday, Jed said that he supports Hannah’s recent gig as a contestant on Season 28 of Dancing With the Stars. But despite his support, he refuses to watch the show. Uh, what? “To be honest, I’ve never watched that show, so I’m probably still not going to watch that show,” Jed admitted. “But I support Hannah and I know she’ll do good.” You know, lending an hour or so of his time to watch Hannah dance on television is the least Jed can do given his lies! But whatever!

    Jed also added that he’s more than sure of Hannah's ability to catch on to the dancing techniques without difficulty. "She’s, like, a super fast learner and she dominates things very quickly, like, she picks up on stuff like this [snaps his finger], so I’m sure she’ll do good,” he said.

    Hannah, on the other hand, is thriving and is currently nominated for a People’s Choice Award. E! News also asked about Jed’s feelings on her nomination, and as it turns out, he’s pretty supportive of that too.“I don’t think there’s many people more motivated to be their absolute best than her,” he said.

    Honestly, I’m just chalking up Jed’s decision to not watch Hannah on DWTS to him not having a TV. It ain’t that hard to truly support your ex-fiancée, Jed!

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